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Introducing Kanela

A digital marketing agency for modern travel and hospitality brands.

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What drives us

Our Approach

We're a small team with a mission to help brands in the travel and hospitality industries grow their online presence. We maximize our efforts to reach untapped segments, increase engagement, maximize impressions and drive conversions through meaningful and bespoke marketing strategies.

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Hospitality marketing agency in Thessaloniki, Greece

Our Clients

Pillow Urban Stay 520 Premium Naxos Visit Olympus Sailman Travel Agency Kavos Studios Myrtilo Tinos Nomad Naxos Krok Monsieur Tinos Hidden Hill Naxos Veranda Tinos Kallithea Village Hotel Nicoletta Houses Santorini The Thermia Suites Faros Villas Serifos Maison Simone
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